Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer Job

Everyone should have the summer off to create. 

I think we'd be a better society for it, and not just because we'd all be more relaxed. 
I have found several ways to keep busy this month and it's looking like I won't even be able to finish all of my projects, which is what Saturdays will be for this fall. I've been working on my painting of course:

The horse is coming along nicely. You can see the book on color mixing close by, I struggle with finding the right color to match the picture in my head. I'm saving the saddle and blue saddle pad for last, it should be fun to complete!

Some more notes on the day-to-day:

The view outside my "studio" er, living room.
Urban wild flowers. Peter calls them weeds. 
Co-worker this summer. 

My husband and I have been hitting up flea markets this summer and we like to stop by Grand Ave before we go - to get ideas. Below are two lamps from a new store The Find which is full of treasures that only a king could afford. So Peter and I went searching for an alternative...

We got these two lions in Elkhorn, WI, but they came from a building in Cicero, IL. Hopefully with help from my brother (genius) we will turn these into lamps, for a fraction of the price of the above lamps. Stay tuned for more on that later. 

 We also found the cutest little jars (and a double boiler) for a song and my friend and I made citronella candles using the jars. You can see the tutorial I used here


 The point is, why buy something when you can MAKE it? Oh, yeah, because you have a job. And the t.v. is so important when you get home from that job, right?

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