Sunday, February 8, 2015


Hello again, it's been a while. I've been busy but running into an old colleague reminded me that I need to do a little bit of documenting here and there. Life is too interesting not to share! Thanks Monica :)

A new job fell in my lap two years ago and it is a dream come true. I get to teach in the TAB style and everyone in the community is more than supportive of the amazing things that go on in the studio. 

A good example of that support is my call to the school parents for visiting artists. One of the parents came in last week to teach me how to knit, she will also join some of my classes to teach small groups knitting, we also had many knitting needles donated to the school. neat!

I've been trying like crazy to improve my knitting skills and this morning I was back at it while skyping with my German in-laws. 

They don't speak english. At all. 

But we talk every Sunday morning and this morning Angelica was told by my husband that I didn't know how to tie up the end of my small knitting project. She totally knits! She showed me with my husband translating and his father laughing in the background. We bonded. Cute, right? Don't mind my messy dining room and flapping baby. 

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