Monday, April 4, 2011

Share + Create + Rousseau

To continue the Rousseau projects, I had the children work in groups. Each student had drawn one animal and they now needed a landscape in which the four animals could reside.

I asked the students to decide together where the sky would be and to keep in mind the foliage in the jungle is high!

This fifth grade group decided to use a more stylized approach which stemmed from a mistake, making two moons. One student grew tired repeating the pattern over and over and asked "isn't art supposed to always be fun? this is a lot of (busy) work." 
We began a great conversation about what art is and what famous artists have done historically to avoid the (no fun) work part of creating art that would take a long time to finish. If only I had an apprentice to write all of these blog posts and put my name on them!

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